Visualize your data when submitting

Forms don't always work when a user fills them out. Sometimes we developers make a mistake, or the user triggers a edge case that we just didn't think of. It's not nice, but you have to let users know if what they did worked... or not.

When you use native Webflow forms, these things tend to get overlooked. But with StudioForm, you can tell your users directly when something has gone wrong, and give a hint as to what it might have been.

For this reason, the following attribute was created:


Success message

Go to your stationery pad element and click on "Success" ☝️
Add the following attribute to a text element within the success message:

Name   studio-form
Value   response-data

Error message

Do the same procedure for the error message. You will love the result!

Publish! Enjoy!

Handy. What comes next?

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