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Format Webflow CMS Numbers to German Number System - JavaScript

(Still under development as of March 15th 2023)

<!-- [] - Format Webflow CMS numbers -->
// Elements
const formatPriceElements = document.querySelectorAll('[data-format="price"]');
const formatYieldElements = document.querySelectorAll('[data-format="yield"]');

// Master loop
    elements: formatPriceElements,
    digits: 0,
    elements: formatYieldElements,
    digits: 1,
}].forEach(function(obj) {
    // Elements loop
    obj.elements.forEach(function(element) {
        // Values
        let txt = element.innerHTML

        // Format
        txt = parseFloat(txt).toLocaleString('de-DE', {minimumFractionDigits: obj.digits})

        // Change DOM
        element.innerHTML = txt



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