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How to rename everything once you copy and paste something complex into your Webflow project

This is a fairly specific guide on how to change the names of individual elements after duplicating an element from one project to another.

(Still under development as of March 15th 2023)

This tutorial is specifically useful for a very good designer client of mine. But it could be useful for a wider audience as well, so..

Get started:

Copy & Paste:


Paste where you want it to be pasted



Find errors:

Hmm... this is different. These were hidden in the original. What happened?

The answers lies in the HTML Embed named css 2:

Hmm... In the Editor there is something specified as .link img { display: none; }

This is probably what we are looking for.

Unfortunately link has been renamed to link 4.

In Webflow, spaces in classes are converted to hyphens.

This means that link 4 becomes link-4

So we change link to link-4 and hit "Save & Close"

Perfect. The images are gone! 🎉

Let's fix the styling & delete the old elements:

That looks about right.

Look for things that may have gone wrong but are not immediately obvious:

Add the custom code:

Hit Cmd/ Ctrl + E and search for "Embed"

Copy the </body> tag code

And add it into the embed and click "Save & Close"

Consider renaming the HTML embedding to something logical and then hide it

Find errors:

Here are the 2 things that could have potentially gone wrong:

.app & .grid

Luckily they didn't got renamed. So you're good to go! 🎉

Success! 🎉🎉


You still have an open question about and how we operate. Chances are good that you will find what you are looking for here:

Why does this FAQ exist?

Well. As of Wednesday, March 15th 2023, I think this component looks really cool.

Can I clone this FAQ component?

Yes. Yes you can. You can do so -> here <-

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