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A "page views" saving Wized loading mechanism

Incorporating third-party tools like Wized can sometimes come at the cost of increased page load times and unnecessary resource consumption. In this blog post, we'll explore a clever solution—a Wized loading mechanism designed to minimize page views and streamline the user experience. Let's delve into how this advanced Wized loader works and how it can benefit your website.

How to have multiple "copy this element" buttons on your Webflow page

This is a sequel to my yesterday's post on "How to create your own Relume Library Ripoff". Please follow these general setup instructions as this is an advanced tutorial to iterate on these principles.

The clipboard inspector for Webflow data

Have you ever wondered how it is technically possible to copy an element from one page to another within Webflow? Well, I have! I've been searching for days to find references to it.... And finally struck gold (thanks to the FinSweet Pro Group, Jean-Philippe Trinh & Vimalan Vijay)! With the evercoder GitHub Clipboard Inspector, you can finally get an overview of what kind of code structure you need to create in order to copy your own elements.

How to create your own Relume Library ripoff

Well... as a short personal disclaimer: I have nothing against the fantastic work the Relume team is doing. It's just about the ideal purpose of why we all love no-code tools in and of themselves: To expand access to sophisticated and useful technology so that software developers aren't the only ones benefiting from the wonderful wonders of the Internet.

Powering Progressive Web Applications with Webflow, Xano, Wized, and BMG.studio

In our upcoming blog post, we'll delve into how to empower Progressive Web Applications (PWAs) with the combined prowess of Webflow, Xano, Wized, and BMG.studio. Discover how this dynamic quartet can elevate your web app development and deliver exceptional user experiences.